Auditing Registry, Services and File Permissions

Auditing services, files and folder permission in the windows machine is not an easy task. We might need to drill down on each of the folder to find its users and access rights. Think about the hassle you need to face when you doing an investigation on the permission level. You will be spending more time on opening each of the  security windows to read the permission.

What if your boss ask you to capture the screenshot of each of the folder permission. Its going to put you on big trouble extracing those information in a short time. To save your time from all this hassle. I would suggest you to use “accesschk“.

Accesschk is a product part of sysinternal, It has more functions compare to the windows command prompt “attrib” commands. It allow you to view the service and file level permissions by allowing filtering option. The sysadmin would be able to generate all the list of file accessible  by a certain user.

Auditors would love this program as they dont need to spend more time on preparing scripts for their auditing purpose. Accesschk also has option to check permission on the registry level.

You may download and “accesschk” from the sysinternal website


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