Modifying HTML, Javascript On Webpage Request

Have you ever try to manipulate Javascript in web application?

For those who dont know what is javascript. JavaScript is widely use in the web application as a medium which ables to provide validation, animation and other cool stuff.  Try visiting jsmadeeasy, you can find thousand of javascript examples.

Any javascript in an web application can be easily modified by using “Firebug“. Firebug allow javascript to be  bypass easily from being validated. In case of “firebug” is not working properly for certain webpage, due to its security settings. You can still use Paros.

Paros act as a proxy between the browser and web server. This program allow you to to modify any response/request coming through it. Paros also has other feature like vulnerability scanning and crawler. You can download paros from Paros Website. This is my favourite program and till now it have not disappointed me.

So programmers, stop depending on client validation, because the hackers knows how to bypass your validation checking 😛




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