Checking/Kill processes without Task Manager

There are few ways to check processes running on your Windows machine. Task Manager & Process Explorer is one of the commonly used application for viewing the current active process. Allowing access to the Task manager could be harmful as it would let a user to kill a process which is protecting your machine. In an secure environment the administrator always ensure this programs are not accessible by the normal users.

Process Explorer is not pre-default application installed in you machine, so chances to access this application is also limited.
How can view the processes then?

Forensic security experts uses “tasklist” to view the process information. “Tasklist” is more powerful than the “Task Manager”. It has options to even show you the dll or services used in each of the process.

While for those who wants to kill processes, you may use “taskkill” command. “Taskkill terminates running process by specifying the PID number.

View Process Information Using “tasklist”

Kill Running Process Using “taskkill”


2 thoughts on “Checking/Kill processes without Task Manager

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank You! A stupid Program keeps closing task manager…. I think it might have a virus in it? But who cares….. I deleted it now! Thanks to you!

  2. Ben says:

    Thank you Kishur. Was unaware windows came with this too.
    Very useful at work where Task Manager is disabled yet access to command prompt is not.

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