Listing HTTP Methods

How well do you know aboout HTTP Method? In my past experience I have only came acrsos of GET and POST.
But In Actual fact, HTTP has more method than what we think.

TRACE, DEBUG, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS is also known as HTTP method. Every each of this method has its function by it ownself. Some of this method can be consider dangerous when it falls to the wrong hand.

DELETE” as what the name says it allows user to delete files from the web server without any special user ID.

During the hardening purpose, security experts always ensure this type of method are blocked. To do this, you may want to list all the available HTTP method in your server.


1. Go to the “Windows command prompt”

2. Issue the “telnet <servername/URL> 80” command run it to get connected.

3. Once connected, run “OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0” and press enter for few times.

4. THis will show you all the list of HTTP methods can be used in that server.


<servername/URL> is your server name or web address.


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