Firefox 3.6.7 – Assertion Failed

Firefox is a very powerful web browser. To be honest I always like the Internet Explorer till some of my friend bugs me to use the Firefox instead.

Recently I have upgraded my Firefox to version 3.6.7. This version is looks cool but currently having some small bug which forces you to close your browser if you are not an IT tech person.

Its all happen when I try to drag and drop an item in the “new tab”. Every time I do this, I might accidentally bring the item above the new tab, where the bookmarks field resides.

This causes me to have the “Assertion Failed” error message. To close this error I will need to keep on clicking on the “X” (Close) button provided on the error pop-up window till this window close.

Everything will be back to normal when this window disappear. This is not an issue for me, but for those users out there might not know this kind of tricks and might end up losing their other data by killing the Firefox process.

I have logged the bugs to Bugzilla team Bug 582260. Hopefully they can provide the resolution on this issue.

Look at the screen shots below:

Steps 1

Steps 2


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