Analyze File Before Execution

Do you receive a lot of suspicious files in your email, server or home machine?

Be aware of this kind of file as it might already being embedded with some other malicious code.

Virustotal run on a sandbox, offers free analysis service for scanning Virus and Malware files.

It keeps all the history about a file specification like its MD5 hash value, variant, antivirus scan details and the file API’s.

To perform the analysis you will need to upload the file for analysis and wait for the result.


2 thoughts on “Analyze File Before Execution

  1. Mister Reiner says:

    One thing people need to be cautious about is how they handle these files. If someone suspects that a file is malicious and accidentally opens it, their system may be toast!

    If a person thinks they are more at risk for malware, they should really switch to a virtual machine environment like VMware Player (free), which will isolate malware from a user’s normal desktop environment.

  2. Kishur says:

    Thanks for you feedback Mister Reiner, just would like to add in few more while using the VMWare.

    In this current Malware trends, it detect if its being launched from the VMWare. If this happen then the malware/virus would be destroyed by it own self to avoid any forensic analysis.

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