Ubuntu Keeps Rocking With Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04 relased somewhere around April 2010. However I just manage to upgrade my machine with this new version.

This new version really rocks with the smooth windows and new appearance. I feel like just bought my notebook.

Ubuntu has an easy way to upgrade to the latest version. The magic keyword for this action is “apt-get upgrade”

All you have to do is the following

Terminal Steps

1. Login as an sudo user in your terminal

2. Run the  “apt-get upgrade“.

If you feel the GUI will be a better option, then you might want to follow the following steps.

GUI Steps

1. Select the “System –> Administration –> Update Manager”

2. While accessing this you might need to authenticate to you “administration tasks” window.

3. Select the “Check” button on update manager and update all the new updates. Keep on doing this until the updates finishes

4. Choose “Upgrade” when the system prompt you to “Upgrade” to its new version.

5. Follow the upgrade instruction.

You should be now running with the latest version of Ubuntu on your PC.

My little new born baby


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