Installing Webmin in Ubuntu


Webmin is a system administration tool for Unix. It provide an web-interface to manage our administration task in Unix.

Installing Webmin in Ubuntu is easy quite simple.


1. Download the latest Webmin package for Ubuntu from and store it in your local folder.


2. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded Webmin and run “sudo dpkg -i webmin_1.441_all.deb”. This will unpack the package and start the installation.

3. You might encounter library error message. When you get this error, run “sudo apt-get install -f”. This will correct all the missing library and proceed with the webmin installation.

4. Now you have a fresh new Webmin installed in your machine. To access the webmin type “https://yourhostname:10000” in your browser

Note: “yourhostname” is your servers hostname and the 10000 is the port number.

5. Default login details for Webmin uses your current ubuntu’s root username and your root password.


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