Ubuntu – Fixing Sound in Compaq presario V3000

It seems like I just got a new notebook after installing Ubuntu 8.10 (Interpid). Its Free, fast and also well secured. Thanks to danny who have change my thinking to stick with linux and throw the windows away.

Everything was going find till I tried to play a sound from the machine. I have increase the volume to max and still there is no sound.

Tried finding it from the Compaq support site, but ther driver does not support Linux, everything was for Windows. ($$%^&*^&*).

At last found the solution in Google. Here is how we this problem.

1) kishur@hellolinux:~$ sudo vi /etc/modules

2) Add the line snd-als100 in new line

3) Save this file and reboot your machine. (There should be better way than this.)

4) Try to play a sound file and you are done.


2 thoughts on “Ubuntu – Fixing Sound in Compaq presario V3000

    1. kishur says:

      Hi, sorry for the late reply, can you explain further on your configuration.

      Its working for me once I read this steps. What OS do you run on your compaq? I’m running on Ubuntu.

      The steps might be differ for other OS.

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