UBS Smart Lock – Not Detected

Setting up the UBS Accounting software is quite troublesome when it comes to its smart lock. However this is just my own taught. The truth is it is quite secured since it uses the smart lock device to validate its licensing in a computer.

A normal user would not be able to use the full funcionality of the software till they get the smart lock. Smart Lock is a small device which will be connected to your computer printer ports

Without this device the system will still allow you to access the application and do the transactions, however on your menu screen and when you print any document. The word “For Education Purpose” will be shown.

Coming back on the situation I were facing today. Software was installed successfully but somehow the smart lock was not detecting and showing “For Education Purpose”.

I spent few hour troubleshooting till I came across the settings button which can be found when you start to login in the UBS application.

The OS was recently changed to Windows 2000. So we would need to change the smart lock setting to point Windows 2000 rater than Windows XP. This help us to fix the problem and the message “For Education Purpose” disappeared emmidiately.


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