What is Md5? How can we use it?

All this while when we download software from the internet. We will be shown with its md5. What is this and how it works?

Md5 is an checksum verification method used to check whether the downloaded file is the same as its original copy from the internet. By using this method we can determine if the file we have download is corrupted, without further running it.

To create a new md5 sum is quite simple. Follow the steps below.


1. Download the Md5 program from http://tinyurl.com/ahcuk

2. Unzip the content of this file in a directory. To make it easier I have unzip it in my D:\

3. Create a text file with some contents and save it. Example : check_data.txt

4. Open a command prompt and locate it to your md5 program directory.

5. Run the command md5sums check_data.txt.


Text File content : Hello World!!!

You have successfully create a md5 sum for your text file. To test it,
try to change the contents of the file and run the steps from 1 – 5
again. Now the md5 sum will show a different key than the earlier md5

Text file content : Hello Kishur!!!


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