IE in Calculator

Although software are now designed to secure PC with limited access. There are still a lot of weakness in the application which allow us to by some of its limitation. One of this is the way to access browser from your calculator.

Cybercafe hide their system function in order to protect the PC from getting damaged by the users.

What happens if you get a PC, in which the Internet Explorer has been disabled. You wont be able to access some your favorite site like “Google”. So the next question, how do you by pass this.

You can bypass this limitation when you able to access to calculator program.


1. Go to the Help menu and choose Help Topics.

2. Once the Help Topics window pop up on your screen. Right click on your Help Topics title bar.

3. Choose Jump to URL… .

4. On you see the Jump to URL window. Enter the URL (web address) which you wanted to access. For instance

Jump to URL...

You have just bypass the limitation the limitation. Hooray!!!.

I’ve just tested this on a Windows XP Professional machine. Not sure if this will work on the other version of Windows. Perhaps you wanted to update me on the outcome on different versions.


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