Hiding files in JPG picture

In this IT world most of you will like to hide your private files somewhere in the computer. As the technology is improving this can be easily seen by someone else who accessing your PC.

Thus you don’t need to purchase a new encrypting software to hide your file. All you need is just a WinRar and JPG format picture file.

Steps to hide

1. Place all the file you need to hide in a directory call d:\hide. In this case let say you have a jpg picture (mypicture.jpg) and a text file (secretkeys.txt).

2. Zip the text file with a WinRAR compressor and name it as secretkeys.rar

3. Open you windows command prompt by accessing start -> run -> cmd.exe

3. Now locate the command prompt to your directory. In this case “d:\hide”

4. Issue the command as copy /b mypicture.jpg + secretkeys.rar mypicture.jpg

5. Press the enter key. Now the system will bind the secretkeys.rar into mypicture.jpg. Once you have reached to this step you have successfully hide your picture. By accessing mypicture.jpg it will show you the picture instead of secretkeys.rar

So how do you retrieve your secretkeys.rar?

It quite simple. Just right click on your mypicture.jpg file and open with WinRar. This should show you the secretkeys.rar .

This technique might even work with other files instead of text files.

Try it and let me know the outcome. Till then Happy Learning.


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