Oracle Finance Responsibilties and System Profile

Oracle Finance - Profile
Oracle Finance - System Profile

System Profile is one of the important part in Oracle Finance. This is because it control the Invoice, supplier and etc data which should show in your Oracle Finance.

When you create a new responsibilities. Oracle Apps does not know which SOB (Set of Books) should the responsibilities tag to. To avoid this you will need to grant the below three  profiles with the correct SOB in your System Profile.

MO: Operating Unit (Example value : KISHUR MY SOB)

GL Set of Books Name (Example value: KISHUR MY SOB)

HR: User Type (Example value: HR User)

Please take not that HR: User Type is only required to be granted when you have choose the Oracle Receivable responsibilities.

After doing the above steps try to access the Invoice Batches menu in Oracle Payables. Query the record and you can now see all the invoices tag to KISHUR MY SOB is shown for the responsibilities that you have created earlier


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