Firefox Cookies

Firefox gives more advantage for the web development. One of it, is the functionality to add and edit cookies. This is do able with the help of cookie editors. Cookie editor is an addon used by firefox to delete and modify cookies.

Too bad is now not available for Firefox3. While searching for the alternative I found SQLite Manager

Most of you would be wondering why I say it can edit cookies. Let me explain to you :).

Starting with Firefox 3 onwards all the cookies is stored in the “cookies.sqlite” and “permissions.sqlite”. You may download the add-on to change your cookies.

Steps to acess Cookies with SQLite Manager

  • Download SQLite Manager fox Firefox.
  • Install it on your Firefox 3
  • On your Firefox menu Go to Tools and choose SQLite Manager.
  • You should see the SQLite Manager as below.
  • On you left of the window you should be able to see a drop down list (Select Profile Database). Change this to cookies.sqlite and click on Go.

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SQLite For Firefox


3 thoughts on “Firefox Cookies

  1. Sam says:

    Installed it and runs great. Thanks!

    Is it possible to copy and save cookies from a login session of a website and send it to a friend?


    For example that person does not want to create an account with the site but wants to download from it. That can only happen when a cookie of a login is sent.

    How can I transfer such a cookie to another computer and is that sort of thing possible at all?

    Thanks for any input 😉

  2. Sam says:


    thanks so much for your reply. Will try it right away and let you know if what I wanted to try worked out. Thanks again and have a great weekend!


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